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Eureka Concrete Coloured Concrete offers wide selection of colour options to suit your design requirements. Hard-wearing and virtually limitless in options, Coloured Concrete is produced through blending colour pigment with your concrete prior to delivery. Eureka Concrete’s process ensures consistent colour and eliminates the risk of colour loss through chipping or damage.
Select from our pallette of colours for a vibrant result which will stand the test of time. Please contact the team for further information regarding Coloured Concrete.

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Please note, the various representation of colours may vary from screen to screen.

Please Note: Eureka Concrete does not accept responsibility for any effect that the addition of oxide, color or product may make to the companies concrete.

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Eureka Concrete has become a source for different pre-mixed concrete for all projects from large commercial projects, road construction, and housing to footpaths and driveways.

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